Bagalur is also called “Little England” for the serene surroundings and the landscape filled with agricultural produce and natural beauty.

At Bagalur farms, there is a variety of agricultural crops combined with organic farming and an active agro biotech sector.
Various produces at the farm include :
»     Coconut     »     Mango
»     Lemon     »     Paddy
»     Corn     »     Banana
»     Arcanut     »     Cocoa
»     Tamarind           

Seasonal Vegetables ( tomatoes ,green chilies , beans , bitter gourd , Drumstick, pulses , green leafy vegetables )

Apart from this there is a vineyard, comprising of Blue Grape Variety .

Sheep rearing is also one among the various activities that run in the farm.

An active nursery is also a part of the farm where plant saplings are made and manure is also prepared.

Efforts are on to concentrate more on organic farming, as well as to produce herbs and vegetables which have are exotic and have a strong market demand.

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