Each 5 ml contains:

Ext. Euphorb liq.                 0.1 ml
Ext vasaka lid.                     0.05 ml
Ext. glycerrhiza liq.              0.05 ml
Stramoni Tr.                         0.1 ml
Tr. Lobel aetheris                0.1 ml
Sod. Benzoate IP                20 mg
                                       Ephedrine hydrochloride                20 mg
                                       Antimony pot. Tartrate USP             0.83 mg
                                       Aminophylline I.P                             10 mg
                                       Caffeine (anhydrous) IP                  10 mg
                                        Alcohol IP 9% v/v (approx.)



•     Acute & chronic bronchitis
•     Bronchial relaxation
•     To relieve brochospasm rapidly



Adults: 5ml (One Teaspoonful ) 2 to 3 times a day or as directed by the physician



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