Mulmin Drops



Each 0.6 ml contains:

Vitamin – A IP as Palmitate                 5000 IU
Cholecalciferol IP                                  400 IU
Thiamine Hydrochloride IP                  1.5 mg
Riboflavine                                              1.2 mg
(As Riboflavin Phosphate Sodium IP)
Pyridoxine Hydrochloride IP                1.0 mg
Nicotinamide IP                                    10.0 mg
Ascorbic Acid IP                                      50 mg
Ferrous Gluconate IP                            2.0 mg
Zinc Sulphate IP                                   1.05 mg
Flavored aqueous base                        q.s.




•     Helps overcome hidden hunger
•     Substantially reduces diarrhea morbidity  (even in HIV positive children)
•     Dietary supplement for infants and children – vitamin deficiencies.
•     Promotes Neuro cognitive development in children
•     As per UNICEF New York – Zinc (In Mulmin) promotes Appetite, Growth and Helps fight infection



Infants ( 6 to 12 months ) – 0.5ml daily

Children (over 2 years of age) 1.0ml daily



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