Mulmin Pro



Milk Calcium Protein supplement with Multivitamins and Minerals in Strawberry / Vanilla Flavor

Each 100 g contains approx. following:

Protein             24.0g
Fat                    1.0gm/100gm
Moisture          4.0g
Calcium          1650 mg
Phosphorus   1350 mg
Iron                   5mg
Zinc                  10mg
Manganese    2mg
Magnesium    200mg
Potassium     600mg
Sodium           550mg
Chloride         250mg
Copper           1mg
Selenium       30 mcg
Molybdenum  35 mcg
Chromium     90 mcg
Iodine             100 mcg
Vitamin A        5000 IU (1500 mcg)
Vitamin B1     2mg
Vitamin B2     2mg
Vitamin B3     10mg
Vitamin B6     1mg
Vitamin B12   3mcg
Vitamin C       100mg
Vitamin D       833 IU (21 mcg)
Vitamin E       50 IU (50 mg)
Vitamin K       50 mcg
Biotin             100 mcg
Folic acid       200mcg




•     Pregnancy & Lactation
•     Growing children & adolescence
•     Sportsfolk
•     Post surgery
•     Osteoporosis
•     Geriatric patients


Directions for use :

Take two scoopsful of Mulmin Pro (approx. 20 g) in a glass.
From the measured quantity (approx. 200 ml) of milk, add a little to the glass containing Mulmin Pro.  Stir to make a smooth paste.  Add remaining milk slowly and stir briskly till the contents are mixed well.  Tastes better when prepared with chilled milk.

On opening the pack, transfer the contents immediately into a suitable air tight container along with inner pack.  Keep the container closed after each use.  Store in a cool dry place and use the content within 10 days after opening.



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