Clotase Injection



Each ml contains:

Haemocoagulaseisolated from Bothropsatrox          1 CU
Sodium Chloride  IP                                  0.9% w/v
Phenol IP (as Preservative)                       0.3% w/v
Water for Injection IP                               qs


  • Primary and Secondary Hemorrhagic syndromes
  • Prophylaxis & Postoperative Haemorrhage
  • Internal and External Haemorrhages (Like Haemoptysis, Pulmonary & G.I. Bleeding)
  • Operative & Postoperative Capillary Haemorrhage& Tissue Oozing
  • In PPH / AUB / DUB / Post Abortal Bleeding / Menorrhagia / Metrorrhagia / Post-Hysterectomy
  • Neonatal Pulmonary Haemorrhage



As directed by the Physician

HSN Code : 30049084

The Gold Standard Molecule of Choice in Capillary Haemorrhage



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