BotroClot Topical Solution



Each ml contains:
Aqueous solution of Haemocoagulase
isolated from Bothrops atrox 0.2 CU         
Chlorhexidine Gluconate Solution IP 0.1% v/v (As preservative)
Water for Injection IP q.s.




•     Topical capillary bleeding & tissue oozing
•     Hastens coagulation through multiple actions
•     Promotes cosmetically elegant, scarless wound healing
•     Arrests bleeding in cuts and wounds
•     Surgical incisions
•     Post Hysterectomy
•     Plastic Surgeries, Skin Grafting (Donor & Receptor areas)
•     Dental Extractions
•     Post Episiotomy
•     Post Caesarean section
•     Post Tonsillectomy
•     Epistaxis



Apply 5 to 10 drops or sufficient quantity to cover the wound completely.



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