About Jagdale Industries

Nagaraja Rao R Jagdale "It takes speed and accuracy to win today’s race” – Late Shri Nagaraja Rao R Jagdale,  Founder Chairman & Managing Director - Jagdale Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Jagdale Industries Pvt Ltd(JIPL) is a part of the well-established and one-of-the-oldest industrial family group of Bengaluru: ‘The Jagdale family’. 

The roots of Jagdale go back to 1939 when Associated Drugs Company Ltd., was set up and to the contributions of Late Shri. Radhakrishna Jagdale, founder Jagdale group. JIPL has pioneered several products including unique food, beverage, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical formulations, in line with the nation’s needs and market requirements. 

Today, the third generation leadership team remains committed to the mission statement: Excellence through quality and innovation. 

Mr. Rajesh N Jagdale - Chairman & Managing Director is a committed and passionate entrepreneur who works with novel product ideas and innovative business concepts to add value and growth to Jagdale Industries Pvt. Ltd. His focus has been to offer affordable value added healthcare products.  He also keeps an eye on market trends ensuring relevance of the business model of JIPL. He provides an energetic and visionary leadership to the teams of JIPL. 

Mr. Jayesh N Jagdale - Vice Chairman & Managing Director, is a hands-on entrepreneur with a keen focus on Finance, backed by his degree in business management.  He is experienced in the FMCG business line of products.  While he has an enduring focus on the FMCG business of Jagdale Industries Pvt. Ltd. & its flagship brand Bejois - His overall endeavor is to ensure good Financial performance for a progressive future.

Jagdale Industries Pvt Ltd (JIPL), operates through SBU (Strategic Business Unit) concept. The SBUs are Juggat Pharma, Jagdale Exports, Jagdale Foods, Flodale, Jagdale Healthcare, Apple Print Pak. Group entities of the Jagdale Industries Pvt Ltd, including, Jagdale Scientific Research Foundation (JSRF) and Glen Loren Plantations Pvt. Ltd (GLPL). They add value to the core business of Jagdale Industries Pvt. Ltd.


  • The flagship division of Jagdale Industries Pvt Ltd is the pharmaceutical division, which has pan-India presence through a network C & Fs and whole sellers across India. Juggat Pharma has several branded SKUs on active promotion. Juggat Pharma, lays emphasis on relationship building and relationship marketing
  • Juggat Pharma has pioneered first-mover products: Botropase – injectable haemostatic wound healer, BotroClot – topical haemostatic wound healer (which has a product patent), and Talsil Forte - hydrotalcite based antacid tablets. 


  • A capping achievement of Jagdale Industries Pvt Ltd, is the historic success of Tetra Pak based aseptic pack – Ready To Drink (RTD) range
  • MULMINA in Tetra pak Pack the super antioxidant Immune booster 


  • Bejois is the flagship and ever popular brand of fruit drinks

JIPL is geared to achieve high-growth in coming years through strategic investments in R & D, innovative first-time-in-the-world products, world-class manufacturing plants, and creative marketing. JIPL is also noted for its CSR activities: medical camps, health programs, educational support, sports sponsorships and patronizing art and cultural events. Jagdale Industries Pvt Ltd, is dedicated to its mission statement “Excellence through quality and innovation.”

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