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JUGGAT PHARMA is the flagship division of Jagdale, Bengaluru. Juggat Pharma was acquired by Jagdale group in 1973, and amalgamated with JIPL in 1994. Today, Juggat Pharma: the pharmaceutical division of Jagdale, has pan-India presence through a network of state-level C & Fs, and over 2000 stockists. Juggat Pharma has 50+ branded formulations on active promotion. Juggat Pharma, which lays emphasis on relationship building and relationship marketing, services about 1.5 lakh doctors through a nationwide field force of 600+ members (including 460 medical representatives and 200 field managers). Juggat Pharma is geared to achieve a high growth in the coming years through strategic investments in R & D, innovative first-time-in-the-world products, world-class manufacturing plants, and creative marketing.  Juggat Pharma is dedicated to “Excellence through quality and innovation.”

Our corporate/team culture

  • Transparency
  • Concern and enthusiasm
  • Continuous learning and empowerment
  • Positive strokes and rewards
  • Inspiring and shared vision
  • Proactive and timely communication

The strength of our value system 

Values are essential guideposts in day-to-day working and decision making process.  The value system is responsible for the character of Juggat Pharma, its financial performance, and its high market image with the target audience.


Fundamental value of the company 

The fundamental value of the company is built on health access to all through innovative and value-for-money healthcare products.


Significant milestones of Jagdale, Bengaluru 

1939: Establishment of Associated Drug Company Pvt Ltd., (ADC) dedicated to manufacturing pharmaceutical formulations and bulk drugs.  ADC soon became the largest bulk drug manufacturer of natural caffeine, Isopropylantipyrine, and Isoxsuprine HCl. 

1962: Juggat Pharma Pvt Ltd, started operations from Mumbai, offering Botropase – the haemocoagulase specialty injectable, Dart – the analgesic & antipyretic, Mynberrys – protein supplement, and Carbotard – the adjunct in diabetes management. 

1973: Acquisition of Juggat Pharma Pvt Ltd by Jagdale Group. 

1991: ADC amalgated with Juggat Pharma Pvt Ltd. 

1992: Jagdale Foods Pvt Ltd amalgated Juggat Pharma Pvt Ltd. 

1994: Juggat Pharma Pvt Ltd amalgated with JIPL 

Juggat Pharma is the pioneer manufacturer of Botropase - the haemocoagulase injection - in India, and is one of the handfuls in the world to produce haemocoagulase injection. The pioneer haemocoagulase of India is marketed under the global brand name of BotropaseBotropase is the first and the largest selling brand of haemocoagulase in India. 

Today, Botropase is a leading pharma brand, and is India’s premier haemostatic wound healer. 

2003: Saw yet another innovation that strengthened the position of Juggat Pharma in the haemocoagulase product category. BotroClot – a product of in-house R & D - the new innovative topical haemostatic wound healer, was launched.  BotroClot is the first of its kind in the global market. JIPL has a product patent for BotroClot. 

The next in line has been BotroClot Forte – a higher strength of haemocoagulase – that offers extraordinary power to heal wounds. 

The products in the haemocoagulase based haemostatic – wound healer category, arrest capillary bleeding, tissue oozing; and promote cosmetically elegant wound healing. 

Another popular brand name from the stables of Juggat Pharma is the TIDILAN RANGE (Isoxsuprine HCl 10 mg/20 mg/ 40 mg sustained release/ Injection). Tidilan has a top-of-the-mind recall among tocolytics.  In fact, Tidilan is one of the largest prescribed brands of isoxsuprine HCl. Tidilan launched in 1983, is positioned as a vasodilator – tocolytic. 

Dart is a superior analgesic-antipyretic that not only cuts pain down to size; Dart improves performance too. Dart is a favourite painkiller selling almost one tablet every second in India.

Juggat Pharma Values

Purpose of shared values

To achieve the objectives of our organization, the primary aspect is harmony and communication between the different parts and departments of the organization and the market elements. This is inevitable to strengthen and ensure a high performance culture and thus take on the dynamic business challenges successfully. There is a great emphasis on the shared value systems in Juggat Pharma because these values and beliefs ultimately guide employees towards delivering value in the market.

The shared values of Juggat Pharma

Being a customer centric organization, the principal shared value is to deliver value to the customer.  Doctors are discerning customers who give valuable prescriptions to enhance their clinical practice and patient well-being.  In line with this, Juggat Pharma has a strong commitment to align business processes with the value delivery system in regular surgical, OPD, dental, and clinical practice of its esteemed customers.  THE MAIN THEME OF THE SHARED VALUE IS REFLECTED IN THE MISSION STATEMENT OF JUGGAT PHARMA, viz., Excellence through quality and innovation.

Core Values

● Doctor and customer focused high performance culture
● To attract the best talent, retain and offer an innovative, exciting, and rewarding work climate
● Transparency
● High respect and concern to external and internal customers

Our Products

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