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This coffee plantation is situated in South Kodagu (Coorg) of Karnataka (South India) amidst breath-taking beauty of the Bhramagiri hills. We are nurturing this plantation with value addition through modern cultivation techniques, growing herbal and medicinal plants etc. We also grow pepper,cardamom, cocoa & arecanut.

We are presently developing our own nursery and plan to have varied plantations. We are also undertaking research on medicinal plants.

Amidst the rolling Bhramagiri ranges of the Western Ghats , in the vicinity of Srimangala – South Coorg are the Glen Loren Plantations belonging to Jagdale Group – extending an area of over 300 acres. High elevation (2800 ft) copious rainfall (250 cm – 350 cm) deep rich soil and evergreen shade have helped to nurture our Coffee plantations. 

The Company grows Robusta, which is prepared by natural method and is referred to as “Cherry “. The annual production is increasing as we are systematically replanting old plants and filling in vacancies with better quality and high yielding varieties.


Variety – Robusta Peredinia /Sel 274 and C X R

Region of growth – Virajpet Taluk – Kodagu District – Karnataka – India

Altitude – 2800 ft above MSL

Annual Rainfall – 250 cm to 350 cm

Temperature range – 13*-33* C

Longitude – 12.040048 E

Latitude - 75.935877 N

Type of Shade – Low / High shade of Silver Oak, Dadap and Jungle trees.

Harvesting Pattern – Two rounds of selective picking, based on strain.

Processing method – Natural method – Sun drying – “Cherry Coffee “.

Sustainable Cultivation Practices – Total commitment to preserve the environment in its natural element. Preserve natural forest as a part of our Plantations.

Quality of Coffee – We believe in Quality par excellence. The Cherry Coffee prepared in our Plantations possess good body, fine acidity and hardly any bitterness.

Other Crops – Pepper, Cardamom, Cocoa & Arecanut

Popularly known as the “King of Spices “with its common table presence plays a pivotal role in our bouquet. Pepper is grown as an inter crop in our Coffee Plantation. 

Popularly known as “Queen of Spices “is cultivated as inter crop in our Plantation. We grow Nallani and SKP 14 verities. Our Cardamom has a strong, unique taste with an intensely aromatic, resinous fragrance.

Cocoa a shade loving plant is cultivated in our Plantations.
It is cultivated as inter crop in Coffee Plantations. Harvesting is done during May / June.  
Ivory Coast is the leading producer in the World.

India is the World’s largest producer as well as consumer of Arecanut. Amongst the States, Karnataka is the leading producer.

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Distributionship Enquiry