Welcome to Apple PRINT Pak

(Printing and Packaging Division of Jagdale Industries Pvt Ltd).

Our company motto "Excellence in Quality and Innovation " itself speaks about our concern about providing the customer with a good product.

APPLE PRINTPAK was born as a result of developing backward integration.

As end users of the corrugation product for almost 4 decades in the industry, it really helps us understand the need of having a packaging industry with a dedicated team of professionals to address to specific packing needs so as to ensure safe and timely delivery of your products.

Our carton designs have made it possible for our customers to pack their products in a cost effective manner.

We have all the requisite facilities in the same location to manufacture the following:

  • Flexi-printing facilities
  • Cartons with different flute profiles
  • Cartons with Broad Flute, Narrow Flute and Micro Flute.
  • Die cut Cartons with Offset Printing.
  • All types of fitments, inserts , buffer and other accessories required as support and protection to the product required to be packaged
  • Big size carton with sizes up to 90 inches in all dimensions can be manufactured in vertical flute direction

Our strength as corrugators is evident with our manufacturing capabilities for all the above products under one roof.

Despite the vast range of products we believe in cost effective manufacturing of all the products.

Being a responsible consumer is the highest priority these days and that leads us to offer a packaging solution that is 100% eco-friendly. Not only are our containers completely recyclable, but we can also utilize recycled papers to make new boxes. Concern for the environment is built into our daily manufacturing operations as well.

We have a highly established with well equiped QA and QC department with our own defined goals for TOTAL QUALITY.

  • At APPLEPRINTPAK the system is fully operational and is backed up with detailed documentation of Quality Assurance Procedures.
  • Our QA ensures that the entire plant is in full compliance with standard procedures.


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Distributionship Enquiry