Mulmina Apple

Mulmina Apple

Versatile Immune Booster, Antioxidant and Stress Reliever


MULMINA APPLE consisting of versatile Bioactives with immune boosting and antioxidant launched in May 2022, in a Tetra Pak based packaging product.

Mulmina Apple is launched to meet our prescribers’ demandand those whoare endorsing this tasty product to reduce oxidative stress and immune stress in infection cases, post-surgery patient and Convalescents.

The fast payout casinos are becoming increasingly popular among players looking for quick and hassle-free access to their winnings. Just as MULMINA APPLE, a universal immune booster and antioxidant, offers a convenient and effective way to improve health, fast payout casinos aim to give players quick access to their winnings. Similar to the Tetra Pak-based packaging that preserves the bioactive substances in MULMINA APPLE, these casinos use advanced technology to ensure fast withdrawal processing, allowing players to enjoy their winnings without delay. Whether it's boosting your immune system with MULMINA APPLE or quickly accessing your casino winnings, these innovations in packaging and payout speed are designed to make life easier and more enjoyable.

Composition of Mulmina Apple

Each 200 ml contains:


Centella asiatica (Whole plant extract)                         - 40 mg

Seva* - Apple (Pyrus malus) fruit juice                          - 20 g



Contains added Flavour and Permitted Colours.


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Distributionship Enquiry