MULMINA-D Amla Orange

MULMINA-D Amla Orange

MULMINA-D Amla Orange is the World’s First Scientifically Formulated Low Calorie, Antioxidant and Immune Booster Health Supplement in Tetrapak pack. 

Mulmina-D Amla Orange consists of important ingredients namely Amla powder and Orange Juice along with essential Vitamins and Minerals. They have been selected and blended and packed Aseptically. Consisting SUCRALOSE as a low calorie sweetener.

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Composition of MULMINA-D Amla Orange

Each 200 ml pack contains:

Narangi* - Orange

(Citrus reticulata) Frt. Juice        - 20 g

 Amalaki* - Indian Gooseberry

(Emblica officinalis) Frt. Pdr.     - 400 mg


Excipients - q.s.


Contains added Flavour and Permitted Colours.


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Distributionship Enquiry