Mulmina Mango

Mulmina Mango
Natural Antioxidant Immune Booster

MULMINA: Super antioxidant immune and mind booster launched in February 2018, is a tetra pak pack based aseptic packaging product.

Mulmina is on the upswing as prescribers are endorsing this tasty product to reduce oxidative stress, immune stress and mental stress in infection cases, post-surgery patient and Convalescents.

Composition of Mulmina Mango

Each 200 ml contains:

Amra* - Mango

(Mangifera indica) Fruit pulp                     - 32 g


Centella asiatica (Whole plant extract)    - 40 mg

Haridra* - Turmeric powder

(Curcuma longa) Rz.                                  - 100 mg


Excipients Q.S.

Contains added Flavour and Permitted Colours.


Distributionship Enquiry
Distributionship Enquiry
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