Mulmin Plus Capsules

Mulmin Plus Capsules
For Holistic Mind – Body Well Being

Composition of Mulmin Plus Capsules

Nutritional Information: Per capsule (approx.)

Extract derived from 500mg of Centella asiatica W.P.

Energy                                   0 Kcal                

Total Carbohydrates         0 g  

Total Fat                               0 g    

Proteins                                0 g    

Vitamin A                              540 mcg (1800 IU)    

Vitamin B1                            1.08mg

Vitamin B2                            1.26mg

Vitamin B3                            14.4 mg

Vitamin B5                            4.6 mg  

Vitamin B6                            1.6 mg

Vitamin B9                            90 mcg           

Vitamin B12                           0.9 mcg

Vitamin C                              36 mg             

Vitamin D                             4.5 mcg (180 IU)

Vitamin E                              14 mg             

Zinc                                        10.8 mg

Iron                                        6.25 mg  

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